31 October 2013

Haruo Morita. The general director of J. Morita Corporation. Japan

 HARUO MORITA What is your vision of the Russian dental market? What is special about it?

As a globally-oriented and independent family company with its headquarters in Japan, Morita has become the performance leader in its industry over the last 97 years, thanks to its innovations and problem-solving competence in all aspects of dental and medical solutions. Our vision for the Russian market is to become the quality and performance leader. Every quality oriented dentist should first of all take a look at Morita before making a buying decision. The Russian market is a fast developing market with a high dynamic. The growth rate of high end dentistry is impressive and there is already a big group in Russia providing leading and state of the art dentistry.

Do you remember your first visit to Russia? What surprised you most of all?

It was 13 years ago when I visited Moscow before. That time I stayed only one day. My wife went to a sight seeing tour, but I had no time tosee around the city. I just remember it was snowing and very cold. I still remember the great taste of the caviar donated to me and my wife. So the Moscow visit was lingering into our Japan time coming back.

What are in your opinion the key milestones in the history of your company?

1916 Of course the foundation of Morita 1927 First local manufacturing of dental unit 1964 Introduction of Spaceline chair unit — As a pioneer, Morita creates a completely new treatment unit. For the first time, dentists can sit in the so-called «twelve o'clock position» and treat patients who are lying down. 1977 Introduction of Clearfil composite filling material 1996 Introduction of Er:YAG laser — There are 3.000 Morita lasers globally installed by now 2001 Introduction of CBCT — Morita presents the «3D Accuitomo» at the International Dental Show IDS

Which countries of the world show the greatest interest to your company products, why?

 Of course, Japan is our home country and main market; however, we seek for opportunities in other areas of the world where our innovative and quality products would be accepted. At the moment, we are concentrating on the US and European countries, for our advanced products such as CBCT, Er:YAG laser, turbine handpieces, endometer. We have a long history in Japan but may be new to many customers abroad. So, we would like first to start from establishing our good company image with an innovative and advanced technology.

What factors from your point of view allowed your company to become the leader in the markets of some tens of countries?

As stated above, we are very keen in introducing innovative and quality products. It may be difficult for us to be general accepted in the price oriented markets, and we understand our main market will be developed countries; however, there still may be a chance that we sell our products in developing countries as there are quality oriented patients and dentists with demand for high end dentistry.

What main innovations does your company offer today?

As mentioned, CBCT, Er:YAG laser, Endometer and Twinpower turbine. Parallel we are highly successful with dental units supporting the ergonomic concept by Dr. Daryl Beach and a broad range of conventional units awarded by IF Design, by Good design award, developed in cooperation with Porsche Design Studio. Morita is offering not only state of the art technology, design follows function and is also leading the industry.

How long have you been working in the company, what are you doing now?

I joined the company in 1985, so it is almost 30 years. First I joined the export department and I developed consumable business mainly adhesives. Then I moved to the merchandise department followed by the management planning section. I took the position of CEO since 1999, when my predecessor who was my cousin passed away from cancer. Now, not only CEO of J. Morita Corporation, which is a trading department of the Morita group, I see over J. Morita Manufacturing corporation, J. Morita Tokyo Manufacturing corporation, and other subsidiary companies of the Morita group. Also, I take roles in the industry groups such as President elect of Japan Dental Trade Association, President of Japan Dental Industry Council, President of Japan Dental Wholesalers Association, President of Japan Dental Computer Association and many more.

Which of your achievements, both professional, and personal do you deem the most significant?

I graduated Japanese university with electrical engineering major and also American university with economics major. I studied intensively about «performance logic» which is a dental ergonomics and a basic philosophy of our Spaceline dental treatment chair unit. Also, I learned a lot about adhesion mechanisms of dental adhesives, which I paid a great effort in marketing this new concept to overseas in the late 1980's. Serving general society through my activity in Junior Chamber may also contribute to my networking.

What is your hobby?

Fishing (Salt Water, River, Large, Small), Motorcycling, Skiing, Scuba Diving, Surfing, Wine & Dine

Please, tell about your family.

I have one wife, 19 years old daughter (sophomore of Jochi (Sophia) University), 15 years old son (3rd grade of Higashiyama Junior High School) and a 4 years old female dog (Toy poodle). Daughter is studying international business and enjoys playing violin and tea ceremony. Son joins a soccer team but rather enjoy playing a guitar these days.

What would you like to wish readers of our magazine?

My wish for your readers is that the impressive development of the market in Russia continues with high governmental support. As industry we can support best solutions, but the market dynamics are mostly driven by the health awareness and the will to influence the health standard and quality of life for the Russians. We as Morita strive to realize the welfare of the Russian society through the constant supply of paramount products and services that help people to pursue spiritually rich lifestyles, where they are able to live happily in good health.


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