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26 February 2016
Morita manufactures top-class equipment known for a high quality proven over decades. The company was established in Japan, in 1916, by Mr. Junichi Morita. Today, Morita is run already by the third generation of its founder’s family. The company’s CEO is Haruo Morita, who, like his predecessors, strives to maintain the corporate traditions, which is known to be of fundamental value in Japan. In Japan Mr. Morita heads all trade associations related to the dental industry and is an influential figure and a reputable specialist. This year, Haruo Morita came to Russia at the invitation of Unident.
17 July 2014
Italian manufacturer MyRay is a part of Cefla group of companies which is one of the leading dental holdings globally. The company manufactures a large scope of visualization systems developed specifically for dentistry. The objective of MyRay is to improve diagnostics, make it more accurate and modern. At September exhibition Dental Expo in Moscow, the company demonstrated its last developments. We are showing an interview with Nikola Tonelli, Export Director of Cefla Dental Group.
18 February 2014
Carestream Dental Diagnostic equipment is playing an important role in the world market. A leading manufacturer of radiographic equipment, the company is one of the key suppliers of innovative solutions in the industry.
16 February 2014
Cefla Group is one of the best manufacturers of dental equipment in Europe. Cefla Dental Group products are marketed in all areas of dentistry.
13 August 2013
When the issue of dental lasers is considered many dentists say that it is certainly fine to have a laser in the clinic, but… it is too expensive and somehow complicated. We decided to discuss the challenges that clinics and doctors have to face when they decide to start working with dental laser with an implantologist at Unident Dental Clinics Network Maria Solop
07 June 2013
The SGS implantation system has been around for a year and a half now on the Russian market. Even if the time is rather short, Swiss-made implants have become available in many clinics over Russia, and so specialists not only are able to get a general impression about the system, but also appreciate the first results of SGS-based reconstructions. Mr. Schabi Michaeli, President of SGS is sharing his impressions about the Company’s operations in Russia.
23 May 2013
Creating an entirely digital dental laboratory ensures top-precision work at the same high level, and it doesn’t matter at which point of the globe production is based. New achievements in CAD/CAM technologies increasingly reassign ever more functions to software and automation, thus making production of dentures more technology-intensive but also less difficult. What demand exists in Russian laboratories for recent achievements in the field, and what innovations Germany-based Wieland is ready to offer to Russian specialists – we have discussed this all with Schwafert Torsten, CEO of Wieland Dental.
22 February 2013
Biolase is a manufacturing company that has been a driving force on the market of dental laser equipment for years. The American Company’s products are seen as future that arrives as it presents its every next new development. This time we would like you to meet Dmitriy Butusov, chief R&D engineer of Biolase, and discuss the evolution and problems of laser dentistry.
15 February 2013
Dental Art is known around the world as a manufacturer of the most modern and at the same time exquisite furniture for dental clinics. The company creates not only unique design solutions, but also a space arrangement phylosophy in general. The Dental Art's phylosophical system always brings to the fore the doctors and doctors' everyday tasks, to solve which Dental Art involves innovation technologies. We discussed the process of creating unique furniture with John Fachchin, the company's Director for Exports.

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