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21 May 2015

Unident TODAY: 10 years together with the company’s clients

The XII annual international conference “The role of communications and corporate media in the strategic business management” took place in April. The Unident TODAY corporate magazine was represented by Marketing and PR Director Yana Klevtsova.

About Strategy, Faithfulness and Loyalty of Readers

Yuri Pogorely (Interfax), Yana Klevtsova (UNIDENT), Olga Issa (Boehringer Ingelheim)

In my opinion, having a corporate magazine is the most evident proof that a company is client-focused in developing its business. Surely, we can, and we should, regard Unident TODAY to be our ideological mouthpiece – this is how we get across to our audience, clients and partners, build the company’s image and translate our achievements and initiatives. At the same time, when opening our magazine, each client wants to find an answer to the question – how UNIDENT will solve his or her problems and meet his or her needs. Loyalty of readers means much more than effective promotion of a certain product or service. Despite practically the infinite potential of Internet, a considerable part of our clients and partners prefer traditional media. It turns out that most of medical workers and dentists are conservative and in this context a corporate magazine is a very good and effective form of marketing communication. Look at the opportunities: having a direct dialogue with medical specialists, audience focus, authenticity of information, and no competitors within this communication.

Yes, there is the risk of becoming boring, repetitive and tediously predictable. Here is it important to neatly balance between specialized and entertaining topics, gaining our benefits (as a seller of products and services) and keeping the reader interested. The magazine should be interesting for the reader and, at the same time, promote the company’s goals. A high-quality corporate magazine is a wonderful public platform, and not only for the company’s top managers but also for all team members. Moreover, it is a platform free of political, commercial or other attitudes typical of traditional media and broadcast channels. The mechanism of a specialized magazine is very simple – he that pays will be given floor. And it is well known that there is always a concerned person or business behind the so-called “expert opinion” or “independent research”. As a result, corporate media turn out to have more freedom and be more honest than other, so-termed independent mass media, which have in fact been long committed to and influenced by big businesses. In Unident TODAY it is all about fair dealing – we write about what we know well: about products that we supply or produce, about services that we offer, about people who we interview, and about projects that we support. And we do not seek to disguise that what we are writing about is exactly what we want our reader to learn about.

About Global Trends and Social Responsibility

We try to keep making headway and keep up with the world. The financial crisis and environmental depletion, instability of political systems and economies of many countries, the openness of borders, integration and, ultimately, the change of generations give rise to new trends and “tides” on consumer markets and our goal is to spotlight these trends and stay up-to-date.

Vladimir Zmeyuschenko (Managing Director at LyudiPeople Group of Companies), Leonid Chaplygin (Vice President at Uralsib), Boris Kalatin (LyudiPeople Group) and Yana Klevtsova

It is clear that how fast a certain trend develops or enters the market depends on the Internet access, the level of the population’s incomes and age. Yet, understanding the global trends surely helps capture the local changes that are inevitably taking place and will take place in Russia. This will lay the foundation for developing an effective strategy of the company’s development on the medical market. In our magazine we seek to feature global trends of the last decade such as formation of online professional communities, social responsibility of business, and the influence of Asian markets on Europe.

Fundamental cultural changes are observed worldwide; charity initiatives and support of socially significant projects take on enormous significance. This is what makes UNIDENT a unique company on the Russian market. The company and its founders are no less, or may be even more known in the cultural community of Moscow and Russia than in medicine. In our magazine we write about our projects and report what has been done and invite our clients, partners, friends and foreign colleagues to join our initiatives. They feel they are in the centre of the cultural life of our country, they feel they are contributing to the promotion of well-being and social projects; such positive emotions and comments after exhibitions and concerts cannot be measured or presented in marketing reports – it is impossible to measure by how many percentage points loyalty has increased. Emotions are more than just figures.

About Commitment to Hard Work

90% of foreign companies have their corporate media whereas here in Russia very few businesses, even among the largest and most renowned ones, can risk doing the same. It is a costly thing that takes a lot of time and effort. We have been making our magazine for ten years already – in Russia few companies can boast making a regular b2b medium. And it is clear why – it is not an easy thing to make a magazine that is targeted at a professional audience and aims, at the same time, to keep the reader updated and entertained.

Ekaterina Kolyada, a member of the Management Board of the Russian Association of Communication Directors and Corporate Media

The publisher itself should well know the subject it features because b2b media are read mainly by specialists. But all pays off if things are done in the right way. The magazine gains in authority and confidence of its readers who start considering the judgements and opinions they find in the magazine. Usually, such businesses are outsourced and, probably, for someone it is a good way out that has its benefits, for example, a fresh outside perspective. As for us, we are not ready to entrust our magazine to someone else, not because we think that others are not competent but because we trust our specialists and experts. The most fundamental thing in any business (and Unident TODAY is not an exception) is the team, the people who make the magazine. The internal mechanics of our work is equally tricky and exciting. And so far we surely enjoy the very process. By the way, each year the Russian corporate media market grows by 10 to 20% a year. I am certain that we will soon have tough rivals and it is sure to do us good. Unlike in commercial media, our small editorial staff does not have effective tools to assess our performance, such as the demand measured in exact figures showing payoff or sales volumes. There are no objective criteria to assess the usefulness and effectiveness of our magazine, so, dear friends, your feedback is always welcome. We are waiting for your letters, calls, critical and, especially, positive comments on our work.


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9 June 2015
A workshop on dental laser systems was held in Moscow. The use of laser technologies in the treatment of soft and hard tissues was featured by Yaroslav Filatov, Chief Executive of Laser Smile Clinic.
12 May 2015
The International Dental Show, the largest international dental trade fair was held in Cologne. The dental show was attended by around 140,000 visitors from more than 150 countries. The trade fair is the main event of the kind in the dental industry. This was already the 36th trade fair, which closed with a record result ever in terms of scope and scale.
11 May 2015
A dental laser workshop was held in Yekaterinburg. UNIDENT invites the leading laser specialists to deliver regular workshops on various types of laser systems all over Russia. Laser dentistry offers truly unique opportunities; besides, working with modern lasers is quite simple and user-friendly.
4 May 2015
Despite the hard times, we are still actively participating in Russian and foreign dental exhibitions
28 April 2015
The Dental Salon that closed on 23 April was the largest Russian dental forum this year. UNIDENT exhibited a full range of equipment that is designed for clinics and dental technical laboratories and meets the world standards of today and current needs of Russian specialists.

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