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6 February 2016

The Real Effect of Virtual Training

Yevgeniya Surkina

A new core centre for training and re-training of medical specialists has been opened in Moscow. The centre provides ample opportunities for training, treatment of typical and rare diseases, and exercise in different situations on virtual patients, to enhance the quality of the medical services on the whole and to minimize medical errors.

The Simulation Centre at the Botkin Municipal Clinical Hospital was opened in October. The centre was born after about three years of hard work. Today it is a fully-featured and fully equipped educational institution with training programmes, which is located within an area of about two thousand square meters. The centre knows no equals in Russia and CIS.

Advanced training options are available for specialists of different levels of training: hospital physicians and medical interns, practitioners and paramedical staff, emergency service officers and old-age care specialists.

— There are tens of thousands of doctors and nurses in Moscow, said Moscow City Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. – They must continuously upgrade their professional skills, especially, considering the development of new technologies with each passing year and introduction of new equipment. This is the place where they can do it, added the mayor.

The Moscow Simulation Centre is a multi-field virtual clinic comprising departments of laparoscopic and robotic surgery, emergency and intensive care, orthopedics and traumatology, emergency medicine, and others. The centre is equipped with the most advanced training technologies: a complex of simulators, electronic phantoms and interactive equipment. According to Alexei Shabunin, Chief Executive of the Botkin Municipal Clinical Hospital, the centre can boast more than 100 most advanced simulators for 50 high-tech medical care sectors.

Moscow City Mayor Sergei Sobyanin at the opening ceremony

Robots can simulate any clinical situation and respond to intervention in a most realistic way. Simulators fully imitate the human anatomic structure and physiological functions (heart beating, respiration, winking, excretory functions), and demonstrate verbal responses such as calling for help and reporting health conditions. Robots also record all medical manipulations and generate afterwards procedure-by-procedure reports on what has been done.

Apart from manual skills, much attention is paid also to the psychological communication between the doctor and the patient. Moscow Deputy Mayor for Social Development Leonid Pechatnikov noted that it is planned to bring actors and drama students in the training process – they will play the roles of patients, simulate different diseases, play various scenarios when communicating with the doctor and model conflict situations. This will help doctors to develop practical skills, find the right behavior patterns in different situations, learn to find a way to comfort patients and win their confidence.

By now, more than 20 advanced training programmes have been developed and are ready to be used. The leading public health specialists of Moscow, professors from medical universities and colleges and practitioners will teach the centre’s students. In the longer term, the centre will be able to host up to 20 thousand doctors and medical nurses a year.

DA VINCI Robot-Assisted Surgery System

da Vinci unit weight: about 0.5 ton


The Da Vinci surgery system is a sophisticated robotized platform comprising three consoles: the surgeon’s, the patient's and the vision. The surgeon operates from a seated position at the console, sees the target area in the finder scope with 3D multi-precision and starts using special-purpose joysticks (manipulators) to control the system.

All movements of the surgeon’s hands are translated through manipulators into precise movements of the robotic arms with tiny instruments. One of the robotic arms holds a camera sending images of the target field, other two arms reproduce the surgeon’s movements in real time and the fourth arm performs the assistant’s functions.

Miniature instruments and a camera on the patient’s console are inserted into the patient’s body through cuts (1−2 cm). A specific set of instruments is used for each type of surgery. During surgery, a patient-side assistant helps the surgeon to switch between the instruments.

On the touchscreen of the vision console, the assistant sees the same image as the surgeon. The vision console contains a video system and a processing centre. The Da Vinci system is fully controlled by the surgeon and cannot function on its own.




Liliya Reimbaeva Project Implementation Manager at MEDIMPORT

The supply package comprises a unique daVinci robotized surgery simulator for high-precision interventions. The simulator excludes any error, for example, the surgeon’s hand shake. The surgeon operates manipulators and the patient is worked upon with precision instruments. We know that similar equipment can be already found in Moscow. But as it is found in few places, is generally not easily available and costs much, it is difficult to find a place with such equipment for training. Now there is a place in Moscow where doctors can learn to work on this equipment without any risks for real patients.

Also, we have established a management system for the entire training centre. The centre is managed through the Learning Space high-tech hardware-software complex comprising databases, cameras and microphones, which are installed in all rooms of the centre to monitor and record the training process, analyze specialists’ actions and register possible errors



MedImport Company is part of UNIDENT Group and specializes in technological design of buildings and structures for medical purposes, including construction and complex technical equipment, modernization and re-equipment of health facilities. Many years of experience with both private and public medical institutions allows the Company to implement projects of different levels of complexity. MedImport separate activity is the design, construction or ready-to-operate reconstruction of pharmaceutical plants according to the GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practice), as well as delivery of automated production lines. Practical work on the most difficult problems has formed a high quality team of young professionals who are able to cope with the task of any complexity. Knowledge, research and experimental developments allow us to offer clients with constructive solutions that combine superior quality and maximum ergonomics. Carrying out reconstruction or new construction, our experts apply a holistic approach and create a unique program for each object, which includes only advanced technology and precisely defined necessary stages from design, supply of equipment and materials and up to construction, installation and commissioning works and object handover for commissioning. All delivered medical products have appropriate registration certificates, certificates of conformity, hygiene certificates and certificates in accordance with the mandatory requirements of the Russian legislation. All equipment is provided with warranty and post warranty service and maintainance performed by the experts in proper volume. Long-term experience in this area and thorough knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of each manufacturer, MedImport, as an independent system integrator, is free in its objective selection for the object. The Company creates projects that are optimal for the customer, his wishes, and realities of the situation in which they will operate. Sharing concern of health professionals for the health of their patients and implementing the latest innovative technologies, MedImport strives to create the best conditions for doctors and patients.



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