10 December 2015

The International Student Conference at the People’s Friendship University of Russia

The People's Friendship University of Russia hosted the VI International Scientific Conference of Young Researchers with the participation of more than 300 students from all over the world, who are interested in science and are willing to take an active part in the scientific development. Unident that has for many years been participating in scientific programmes of the PFUR Institute for Medicine was a partner of the conference.

More than 500 people participated in the conference on the “Clinical and Theoretical Aspects of Modern Medicine: SCIENCE4HEALTH 2015”, among them were scientists, practitioners, students, lecturers, participants of academic competitions and manual skills contests, and just visitors from more than 10 countries of the world. It is quite a significant figure for such a recently-established event like ours. Though it was already the sixth time the conference had taken place, it seems to us that the project is still young and is actively developing.

This year, one of the most popular contests among students was the dental manual skills contest. The contest was held in a friendly, but tense atmosphere because contestants had to stand for the honour of their universities, which is always a responsible mission. For many participants, the contest was a unique chance to test their knowledge in practice and to get first-hand experience of using many medical devices. The academic competition lasted three days, during which students tried themselves in various dentistry fields, from restoration to mucogingival surgery.

For the judges of the contest, it was important to evaluate not only the quality of the contestants’ work but also whether the contestants could offer something new and original. The students knew what they would have to deal with at their contest stage in advance and had two-three months to get ready for the contest. The contestants had a chance to brush up the basic knowledge acquired at the university and to learn much about the contemporary treatment methods.

The academic competition at PFUR is not just a mere competition; in addition to prizes and gifts, it offers to participants what is really important for future dentists – new knowledge and skills. The competition motivates and gives an excellent opportunity to reach further than the curriculum. The judges of the contest were glad to share their many years’ experience with the younger generation and give practical suggestions and recommendations. After completing each stage, instead of taking some rest, contestants preferred to stay to be able to communicate with specialists from PFUR dental departments and foreign judges of the contest from Hungary and Italy.

This year, in addition to the phantom manual skills contest, the academic competition offered an unexpected task. Each university team had to propose a plan of the patient’s treatment proceeding from the panoramic X-ray, diagnostic casts, photos, the patient’s medical history and computed tomography data. Instead of giving a solution for one specific problem, the participants were asked to propose a comprehensive treatment scheme with detailed validation.

Adhering to the concept of an international platform for sharing knowledge and opinions, the organizers of the conference invited the participants to discuss the current medical issues at the round table. The main topic was controversial: providing dental care to oncology patients. Today, it is a most pressing issue involving many other related aspects. No wonder that the round table turned out to be the most visited event, both among students and the academic staff. Among the participants of the round table one could see renowned specialists such as President of the Russian Neck Tumour Society Ali Mudunov, Chief Academic Secretary of the Association of Oncologists of Russia Valery Starinsky, Head of Research for Contact Sealed Ionizing Radiation Source Therapy of the Russian Scientific Center of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Vera Titova, and many other leading scientists of Russia.

After the closing ceremony, the participants specializing in dentistry could attend a workshop on the immediate load dental implantation by Michele Casale, an Italian dental practitioner, who had already been invited to PFUR Institute for Medicine to share his wide clinical experience with the younger generation. The workshop was attended by many students planning to devote their life to dentistry – one should never lose a chance to get unique experience and improve his or her professional skills.

Why do students need academic competitions?

POLINA BARBASHOVA, North Ossetia State Medical Academy, Saint-Petersburg State University

Students gain a lot from participating in academic competitions – new knowledge, invaluable practical experience, learning more about the contemporary dentistry and innovative technologies, communicating with colleagues, and much fun! During a week at a conference, you can learn more useful things than during six months at the university. Of course, the competition winners have got also prizes from the conference sponsors and partners, particularly, certificates allowing them to have a week of training in the leading clinics of Hungary!


ANDREY KURTYSHOV, intern at the Dental Therapy Department, PFUR

Apart from the obvious benefits, participation in conferences and academic competitions brings also less-obvious but equally important bonuses. First, it is a chance to personally communicate with specialists, authors of renowned handbooks, publications, teachers from different medical schools. Second, you can improve the quality of communication, acquire medical terminology, improve your vocabulary and conceptual framework. Such events help us to keep up with the times, medical research and scientific studies and also to participate in and personally contribute to the development of a complex and interesting science such as dentistry, and medicine on the whole. You have a chance to present before a large audience your personal research that you initiated to make just one small step on the road to scientific recognition. May be, your findings will help to make a discovery and, may be, – who knows? – a scientific revolution.

It is an excellent opportunity to get distracted from the monotony of the student’s life, which is sometimes too boring. Moreover, it adds to creative thinking and helps you to form a non-standard approach, which is much more interesting than hammering at textbooks.

MARINA SABEEVA, POLINA BARBASHOVA, North Ossetia State Medical Academy

We participate in academic competitions and conferences because we learn a lot of new things when getting ready to participate in such events. Some dentistry areas you have never been interested in become your favourite ones. For another thing, when participating in academic competitions and conferences, you always get acquainted with active, ambitious and cooperative people.



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