18 February 2016

Smart Simplicity in Dentistry

An ideal solution for diagnostic needs in any conditions

CS 8100 is a compact panoramic X-ray imaging system that offers dentists the most advanced, enhanced radiographic techniques by using one extremely simple and compact system. This system has been developed with the aim to enable dentists to use programs and functions providing for accurate and fast dental diagnostics.

CS 8100 is ideal for medical centers that are not supplied yet with X-ray imaging equipment and for clinics that use similar systems or digital panoramic imaging techniques of earlier generations. CS 8100 is essential for dentists who daily need to make panoramic images. The system is designed for specialists willing to invest in modern technologies.

CS 8100


1. Simplicity in obtaining high-quality digital images

2. Fast image capture: only 10 seconds

3. Outstanding value for money

4. A “plug-and-pan” solution: easy to install, learn and use

5. Sleek and elegant design, ultra-compact

6. Exclusive 2D+ program to view images in a 3D−like format

7. Ideal for daily panoramic imaging needs



Like all Carestream Dental products, the CS 8100 system is built on three essential cornerstones: workflow integration, humanized technology and diagnostic excellence.

Together they make up the Carestream Dental Factor. It is the Carestream Dental Factor that helps the CS 8100 system to stand out in the industry and makes our equipment something more than just a product.

This principle helps us to translate our care to dental specialists and show that we endeavor to enable them to provide high-quality dental care to their patients.



1. A compact lightweight construction easy to transport and unload

2. The system is delivered in convenient and smart packaging

3. The system can be installed just by one person and the installation takes only 20 minutes

4. The interface offers guided configuration setup for easier and quicker installation

5. Complete installation of the system and user training take less than half a day



1. The maintenance-friendly design minimizes equipment downtime

2. A simplified structure and a new X-ray generator make the system more reliable

3. The self-test system provides for continuous system troubleshooting

4. An embedded error log for user-friendly troubleshooting

5. Options of remote configuration change, diagnostics, repair, calibration and software update




Source: Endodontic Practice US, Carestream Dental’s materials

Each year, over 800 million images are made by using Carestream Dental imaging equipment. Such confidence of dental specialists is thanks to more than one hundred years’ efforts in technological development. Today, Carestream Dental continues leading the way in the development of imaging systems and software, in large part because it focuses on specific challenges faced by dental practitioners in various fields. Today, we would like to look upon equipment capabilities on the example of solutions offered by the company for endodontic diagnostic needs.


Carestream Dental of today was built on the shoulders of major industry leaders of the past. The company’s roots date back to 1896 when Eastman Kodak introduced the first photographic paper specifically designed for dental X-ray imaging. In 1983, after the technology was improved and digitalized, Trophy Radiologie filed a patent for the world’s first digital intraoral sensor. This sensor earned Trophy, which was already known for producing intraoral X-ray generators, a reputation as the world’s leader in the digital dental imaging. In 2000, PracticeWorks took the lead on the dental software market after the merger with several companies working in this industry.

In 2002, PracticeWorks acquired Trophy Radiologie, and in the following year was acquired by Eastman Kodak aspiring to enlarge its footprint on the dental equipment market. Having incorporated PracticeWorks and Trophy, Eastman Kodak built an industry-leading portfolio of products, ranging from various types of film, digital imaging systems to medical practice management software. Later, in 2007, Onex Corporation acquired Health Group, which belonged to Kodak, and that was the origin of Carestream Dental.


“We exist to make your practice better,” said Marc Gordon, Carestream Dental’s General Manager, U.S. Equipment and Software. “Our number one goal is to make user-friendly, yet sophisticated, technology”. All the company’s products and services are based on the three pillars making the heart of Carestream Dental’s philosophy.


Administrative tasks usually consume a lot of time that any medical specialist hopes to spend in a better way communicating with and treating patients. For this reason, Carestream Dental designs systems and software to enhance treatment planning and fit seamlessly into busy endodontic practices. Ensuring that every link in the chain fits and contributes to the workflow as a whole allows endodontists to increase productivity and efficiency. Carestream Dental produces intuitive technology and software. By developing imaging systems that can be quickly utilized by practitioners and easily integrated with leading third-party endodontic practice management software, such as TDO – users can eliminate time that would have been spent troubleshooting problems and instead focus on patients.


Patients are an integral part of every endodontic practice, so Carestream Dental feels committed to providing solutions that would facilitate communication between the endodontist and the patient, thus allowing patients to make better, more informed decisions for their proposed treatment schemes. A patient who has a clear idea of the goals and the process of his or her treatment is more likely to agree to the proposed treatment and feel happier with its result.

Diagnostic excellence. When evaluating canal morphology and endodontic pathology, details are everything. To facilitate faster, more reliable treatment planning, Carestream Dental has created a number of cutting-edge diagnostic tools that enable endodontists to capture sharp high-quality images quickly. From industry-leading 3D imaging systems to high-resolution intraoral sensors, Carestream Dental offers a range of solutions that allow endodontists to identify areas of concern and determine the best course of action.


The Carestream Dental Factor isn’t the only thing driving user-focused and innovative products and services – the clinicians at the heart of the company also play a large role. Through meetings and forums with doctors in the field, Carestream Dental is better able to understand the needs of endodontists in order to develop and modify products. In fact, the voice of the customer is critical throughout the development process.

To ensure quality, Carestream Dental also manages every aspect of the equipment it develops. “By controlling each step in the process – from development and manufacturing all the way to support – we make it easier for endodontists to deliver better patient outcomes,” said Marc Gordon.


Endodontists require high-resolution images to evaluate the morphology of the dental pulp and view the most intricate details of canals. The following is just a sample of the imaging products Carestream Dental has designed to meet the specific needs of endodontic practices.

CS 9000 3D

Combining focused-field 3D technology with dedicated panoramic imaging, the affordable two-in-one CS 9000 3D system delivers the best of both worlds, offering the highest resolution and the lowest radiation dose. Users can capture anatomically correct images with 1:1 measurements as well as view all of the necessary angles and slices, which makes it the ideal unit for root canals and procedures limited to a focused area. The available 3D stitching module combines up to three volumes for fill-arch reconstruction.


Included with the cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) units, CS 3D Imaging software allows practitioners to view images slice by slice in axial, coronal, sagittal, cross-sectional, and oblique views to enhance diagnostic interpretation. In addition, the images can be saved to a CD/DVD or USB drive with a complimentary copy of the software to share with a referring doctor – improving the colleague collaboration process.

RVG 6100 Sensor

With greater than 20 lp/mm resolution per image, this Carestream Dental’s intraoral sensor delivers the highest image resolution. Each sensor undergoes rigorous testing to provide maximum durability and flexibility. RVG 6100 features a rear-entry cable, three different sizes, and rounded corners to improve comfort for patients and make positioning easier for users.


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