25 October 2012

Laser systems in dentistry

At the end of July Novosibirsk welcomed a workshop on the application of laser systems in dentistry, organized by UNIDENT and Yuna. The main aspects addressed at the workshop concerned the use of the hydrokinetic dentistry laser in the comprehensive treatment of diseases of hard and soft tissues in the oral cavity and the use of the diode laser for treating diseases of soft tissues and teeth bleaching.

The two-day workshop was conducted by Yaroslav Filatov, Head Doctor at Laser Smile dental clinic (Samara), on the basis of Dental Clinic and Dental Polyclinic No. 9. It is already the third time that Yaroslav Filatov has given laser application training in Novosibirsk and the interest to the workshop grows from year to year. The workshop does not only provide theoretical learning about technologies and equipment but also enables dentists to see the treatment process.  Patients were invited at the workshop and participants were demonstrated each cycle of the dentist’s work during preparation of hard tooth tissues, frenulo-plasty, removal of the impacted third molar with a hydrokinetic laser and teeth bleaching with the use of a diode laser.

The training program is targeted at small groups. It adds to more comfortable perception of information and, in addition, enables each participant to work with the laser on a phantom tooth without supervision.
— We conduct training in order to tell specialists about new technologies, particularly, about lasers. I see that the workshops are attended by people who really want to gain knowledge and innovate their practical work, says Yaroslav Filatov. Here are some of the impressions shared by workshop participants.

Yevgeniya Karimovna Kuramshina, Largo dental clinic:
— In the clinic we decided that we really need a laser. So I got registered to take part in the workshop. I listened to a lecture, attended a practical demonstration, tried working without supervision and I liked it a lot. Lasers give dentists more opportunities and can be used in perio-dentistry, surgery and therapeutic treatment.

Dental Clinic
At the workshop in Dental Polyclinic No. 9

Aleksey Borisovich Vaneev, Sanitas dental clinic, general dentist:
 Waterlase iPlus— I think a clinic must have a laser. Today lasers are much wanted because they make procedures less time-consuming and, which is important, help patients to feel more comfortable during manipulations.  would willingly use laser technologies in surgery, perio-dentistry and children’s dentistry.

Viktoria Sergeevna Podprugina, dental therapist, the winner of the Endodontia award at the municipal competition, 2010, a winner of the “Dentist of the Year” competition as the “Best Medical Specialist”, 2011, Dental Polyclinic No. 9:

— Our polyclinic widely uses modern treatment techniques. We have had a diode laser just recently but it is already extensively used in the Dental Surgery Department. So far we have not used the laser in therapeutic treatment but we are thinking of doing it because the workshop stimulated us to grasp the innovative technology.

As for the practical application of lasers, endo canal treatment and bleaching are most interesting to me. Now, after the training, I will feel safe when setting to work.


Unsupervised work with Waterlase (Biolase) hydrokinetic dental laser on a phantom tooth

Practical demonstration – preparation of the hard tooth tissues with Waterlase (Biolase) laser

Planning of the operation for removal of the impacted third molar

Bleaching with EzLase (Biolase)

Demonstration of the hydrokinetic laser during endodontic treatment – root canal sterilization

Yaroslav Filatov with workshop participants

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