12 June 2013

Dental Lasers: High Technologies for Everyone

программа «Чудо техники»телеканала НТВ In the Wonder of Technology TV show on NTV TV-channel the journalists are trying to answer the question: how can we find significant achievements in technology among the usual things we come across? Where is a line between great advertising and true innovations? In the story devoted to dentistry the authors emphasized the use of lasers in the dental work. Their independent research assessed the laser dentistry as a state-of-the-art and advanced technology. To present equipment at the peak development in this area, the erbium and diode systems by Biolase, an American company, were chosen.

Technologies, Biolase provides an access to, change our idea of dentistry. The use of laser for comprehensive dental treatment expands possibilities of dentistry and improves the quality of dental care. In this case, even the patient, not being a medical professional, can easily feel the difference between the laser and traditional dentistry.

Andrey, the main character of the Wonder of Technology story, tested the latest developments the dentists can offer nowadays. Together with the shooting team he visited several clinics in Moscow. However, after shooting in the Unident Dental Clinic on the South-West, where Oxana Grigorievna Gavrishova under strict supervision of the TV camera treated his advanced caries without any anesthesia, Andrey sincerely confessed that he was surprised. The entire shooting team could assess condition of his tooth before and after the treatment. The dentist uploaded images of the tooth, made by the in-built intraoral camera of Skema 6 (Castellini) unit, to the monitor. Treatment by Waterlase iPlus laser took 10 minutes only! However, Andrey was surprised not so much by the result as by the process itself. Standing in front of the dentist’s office he could not believe that he would not feel any pain while “drilling” his tooth by the laser. The patient experienced no slightest discomfort which he shared with the journalists after the experiment.

Unident Dental Clinic

Laser treatment in Unident Dental Clinic on the South-West

After the shooting was over, Oxana Grigorievna gave the patient extensive advice on the health of his teeth and recommended further treatment. As Andrey confessed later, she was the most competent and attentive dentist he had ever met.

Treatment by a dental laser gives both the doctor and the patient incomparable advantages and comfort. But when we are speaking about the “wonders of technology”, the quality of that technology which predetermines the result comes to the fore. Biolase developments are acknowledged all over the world as leading in this trend in dentistry and, according to specialists, will soon be used in every dentist’s office.

Sergey Malozemov:

The laser is really a magic wand. It is used to create special effects and if you got the wave length just a little bit changed, it will become invisible but will be able to cut bones. Artem Bakanov, a laser dentistry specialist, showed us how it happens on the pulled out teeth. We put on glasses to protect eyes from the rays.

The red light is there for the dentist only, to ensure the accuracy. The laser which cannot be seen transfers the energy to water. It causes micro-explosions of its bubbles and destroys only damaged tooth areas. Nerve endings are located deeper, and during treatment by a usual dental drill they are shaken, overheated, and…suffer which does not happen when the laser is used. And the majority of the customers do not feel any pain during this procedure.


ARTEM BAKANOV, laser dentistry specialist

The laser is the best alternative to the dental drill and essential in cases when anesthesia is contraindicated, for example, in pregnant women.

Andrey has not visited a dentist for a long time. And he would never go to the dentist’s office but for the toothache. His recollections of the drill machine were so bad that once he learned about the laser cure he decided to pay the extra price without hesitation. Laser treatment cost about 25% more, however, he was satisfied: his advanced caries was cured and no injections were needed.

Nowadays, the laser can replace not only a dental drill but also a scalpel in the dentistry. Using this chicken carcass, Andrey and I are going to show the laser effect on soft tissues, mucous membrane and gums in the mouth.

And now a piece of dark medical humor: using a laser scalpel Artem easily wrote the name of our show by the cuts on the chicken skin. We could see how precise the cuts are… To sum it up, the laser dental treatment is a real wonder of technology.

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