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30 November 2015

UNIDENT Dental Clinics Open Cosmetology Divisions

Oksana Vereschagina
Medical Director,
UNIDENT Stomatologiya Group of Companies


Modern dentistry goes hand in hand with beauty medicine. Today, more than even people all over the world think of their health and looks and the standards of the desired esthetic parameters are becoming notably higher. In this situation, in order to meet their patients’ expectations, increasingly more often dentists tend to cooperate with beauty specialists.

We are certain that it is really important for the dental clinics of today to develop and offer a full range of esthetics services to be able to address problems of their clients in a much more effective way. The first cosmetic unit was opened in the clinic in Stary Arbat in February. Now, when visiting a dental practitioner, all clients of our chain of clinics can get, if necessary, comprehensive consultations by the dentist, the esthetician and the plastic surgeon.

It is quite often when a woman coming for a healthy, ultra-white smile would also like, for example, to lift a bit the corners of her mouth or have her lips corrected. Improving a person’s looks is the result of teamwork of many specialists. We have been following a comprehensive approach in treating our patients for a number of years already. The Maxillofacial Surgery Center within the dental clinic in Chistye Prudy proves that this approach is appreciated and pays off. Now we work in cooperation with beauty experts.

When we say that we have opened a cosmetic unit, we in fact mean a self-sustaining cosmetic clinic with a strong team of estheticians and plastic surgeons and a solid technology base. All our doctors have been trained to work with laser rejuvenation machines and effectively apply the acquired techniques. Our clinic has a new-generation rejuvenation machine offering patients a short rehabilitation period. It is not a secret that after laser rejuvenation the patient needs 7−10 days to recover because the procedure causes extensive skin redness and peeling. But with today’s equipment, immediately after the first procedure the patient can go to work, meet friends, and go to concerts and restaurants, without having to stay home. We are glad and proud to offer our clients painless and effective non-surgical facial and body rejuvenation.

In addition to a full range of cosmetic services, we offer plastic surgery options. Our specialists will offer you a full complex of necessary procedures and do their best to help their patients to make their dreams come true. The fusion of various esthetics aspects is not our invention but a global trend that improves medical standards. Nevertheless, at present there are just a few large dental clinics in Moscow with fully-featured cosmetic units. Of course, we plan to develop this initiative and open such units also in other dental clinics of our chain. New clinics that are going to be opened in future will also offer esthetics services.

We rely on the best practices of the world’s leading clinics and can boast ten years’ practical experience in the dental industry. Pursuing a flexible approach to medical practices and seeking to offer the most advanced innovation-driven solutions, we have everything to make our patients more beautiful and happy.


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2 December 2015
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23 September 2015
The chain of Unident clinics has opened its own training centre delivering training programmes for all specialists working in the chain’s clinics. Today, Unident incorporates 14 dental clinics and specialized medical centres. The company has many employees and the new training site will provide for continuous professional advancement of practitioners and various medical specialists.
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