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23 September 2015

A New Training Centre for Dental Practitioners

Dmitry Bykovsky
CEO of the UNIDENT Stomatologiya Group of Companies

The chain of Unident clinics has opened its own training centre delivering training programmes for all specialists working in the chain’s clinics. Today, Unident incorporates 14 dental clinics and specialized medical centres. The company has many employees and the new training site will provide for continuous professional advancement of practitioners and various medical specialists.

The opening of the center is a key milestone of our major dental project. We have our own call centre, our own dental technical laboratory, specialized medical centres and now also a training site. We have built a system providing the chain of our dental clinics with everything necessary to offer top-class services and care – in terms of care quality as well as patient service.

Technologies and treatment methods develop very fast in medicine and whether or not specialists and their work will meet the modern standards depends on how much specialists are willing and ready to acquire new knowledge. We see how quickly the equipment and devices that we use in everyday life get modified and updated – for example, smartphone manufacturers come up with new gadget options every six months. Surely, the technological development does not ignore the dental care industry. New equipment, new materials and new techniques come into use and we are trying to be quick in integrating them for our specialists and offer appropriate training.

Regular medical staff development is a top priority for our chain of clinics. Unident is one of the largest chains of dental clinics in Russia. All our units are required to meet uniform standards. Whichever clinic the patient comes to, he or she will be provided with care of a corresponding quality level. By now, the company has grown so much that it would be difficult to provide training without having its own training centre.

As more and more new clinics are opened, the company’s staff size grows. We are inevitably faced with the situation when the market lacks skilled staff to do administrative work and help our patients to feel comfortable in our clinics. This is the problem of many fast-growing companies and another good reason why we are launching this educational project.

We are creating an in-house training system for practitioners and organize also open events where we welcome all specialists concerned. Such events include seminars and workshops delivered by the principal medical specialists who work in our chain of clinics, engage in research and can share valuable practical skills. Some of the programmes, for example, implantology courses, have been offered for a number of years already. Now, most of the training activities are going to take place in our own training centre.


Igor Ashurko

• Chief implantologist of the chain of UNIDENT clinics

• Education: Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy; clinical residency at the Chair of Departmental Surgical Dentistry

• Member of the Russian Dental Association

• Dental surgeon, implant surgeon

Vardan Gazazyan

• Orthopedist, Candidate of Medical Sciences

• Education: Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry; clinical residency in General Practice Dentistry and Training of Dental Technicians

• Master’s thesis: “Scientific and Methodological Approaches to Improving the Quality of Maxillofacial Prosthetics”

Sergey Rozhnov

• Dental surgeon, periodentist, implantologist

• Education: Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy

• Member of the Russian Dental Association

• Unident Best Implantologist 2014

• The first specialist in Russia to use the intraoral welding technique (Weld One Concept)

Maria Zabrodina

• Orthopedist, Clinic Chief Executive

• Education: Smolensk State Medical Academy, Dental Department; clinical internship, Dentistry Chair, Advanced Training and Retraining Department of the Smolensk State Medical Academy; primary specialization in dental prosthetics, Dentistry Chair, Advanced Training and Retraining Department of the Smolensk State Medical Academy; advanced training in dental prosthetics, Medical Refresher Institute of the National Pirogov Medical Surgical Centre of the Ministry of Health of the Russia


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30 November 2015
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24 August 2015
A workshop dedicated to the use of A- and C- silicones in dental prosthetics was held in UNIDENT’s training centre. The workshop organized in cooperation with Zhermack was delivered by dental practitioner Anton Beitan, Candidate of Medical Sciences.
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The two-day implantology workshop held in Moscow came to a close. The original courses developed by the leading specialists of the chain of Unident clinics Igor Ashurko and Sergey Rozhnov stem from the long-term educational programme implemented by UNIDENT in cooperation with SGS, a Swiss manufacturer of dental implants.
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Russia’s largest dental technical laboratory has appeared in Moscow. A truly up-to-date centre is supplied with advanced equipment that significantly reduces the time needed for the execution of orders and assures an ideal quality.
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