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The mission of UNIDENT Group of Companies consists in implementation and promotion of innovative medical technologies to the Russian market, creation of effective system of high quality medical services, enhancement of quality standards and support of physically and mentally healthy society development on the basis of its own successful experience.


The objective of UNIDENT Group of Companies consists in creation of impeccable product distinct from others, active promotion of the company on the International market. Being a leader in Russia, the company is now on its way to become one of the leaders in Europe.

We manage to follow our mission strictly thanks to:

  • Sound reputation
  • Leading position on the market
  • Individual approach to the customers and company’s partners
  • Products and services quality assurance
  • Continuous improvement and enhancement of the company’s business spheres
  • Continuous intellectual growth and development of employees qualification
  • Solid team of professionals
Holding conferences, workshops, master-classes and lectures. Implementation of new technologies and educational programs.
Moscow and regions. Exclusive design and innovative solutions.
Training and motivation of employees.
Organization, holding and support of cultural projects.
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