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Network of dental clinics Unident was opened in Moscow in 2005 and currently is one of the largest networks in the country with a full range of services such as therapy, orthopedics, surgery, radiology, implants, orthodontics, and periodontics. In addition to dental clinics, the network includes a center of oral surgery with the in-patient department, dental laboratory, cosmetology center, center for processing of applications and patient information (call-center), and a training center. The network of Unident clinics cooperates with more than 30 large insurance companies to provide voluntary medical insurance (VMI) services.

All works are carried out on the most up-to-date equipment, patients are received by single-discipline professionals; this guarantees high quality of therapeutic, surgical, orthopedic, implant, and orthodontic treatment; also there is the opportunity to be treated under general anesthesia. Health care professionals of Unident clinic are ready to offer expert assistance to adults and children сhoosing the most painless and effective treatment methods  in any  the specific situation.

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